The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has administered the Earth Day – New Jersey website for more than 17 years. Each year, the website attracts more than 40,000 visitors in April through May. The Earth Day – New Jersey website features an events calendar, school programs listing, history of Earth Day and Environmental Education Week, and suggestions for what families, schools and individuals can do to help protect the environment and participate in green, sustainable activities.

In celebration of “Environmental Education Week” (April 22 – April 28), the website will showcase your school programs along with descriptions of the lessons and projects that students are doing statewide to celebrate the week. Click here to submit information about your environmental education activities to be conducted in April – early May.

In addition, New Jersey is home to numerous Earth Day events, green fairs, clean-ups, trail work, tree plantings and other public environmental celebrations that are held in April and May. Most of these celebrations occur on the weekends. Last year, the Earth Day – New Jersey website featured over 105 public events. Click here to submit details about your own public event.

The Earth Day – New Jersey website is promoted to and used by media, schools, volunteers, scouts, youth groups, companies, municipal leaders, families and other individuals. DEP also uses the information posted on the website to determine the participation of its own speakers, displays and the distribution of its public education information.  Make sure to share the Earth Day – New Jersey website.