Below are links to get information about NJ environmental legislation. There is no “one-stop-shop” clearing house for environmental legislation in the state.

The best resource is NJ Spotlight in particular the coverage by Tom Johnson and Jon Hurdle.  They typically include specific bill numbers, which is very helpful in tracking down further information on the bill.

The NJ Legislature page has a searchable function for bills by session, topic, etc.  This is most useful when the specific bill number is known.  This can be tricky, as bills that are not passed in a given session are then re-introduced under a new bill number at the next session.  Once you find a particular bill however, there is lots of useful information on the sponsors, status in the legislature (eg – where it is in committee, etc.).

LegiScan is also a good searchable resource, in addition to searching by bill one can also search by committee, for example.

NJ LCV environmental policy guide (click on picture at bottom) is useful for those who are wanting to advocate on certain topics and need some background information. NJ LCV has a searchable yearly scorecard for individual legislators that shows how they voted on specific bills.

We encourage you to reach out directly to their state legislators’ offices, ask them what environmental bills the legislator is tracking or sponsoring, and if they don’t know, ask them to provide follow-up information.  It’s all about holding them accountable!

Thanks for Brian Lestini for providing information and links above!